Wake Me Up – Avicci

http://youtu.be/cvyIpWLft1s Good evening all! New live video of DisCovered performing 'Wake Me Up' by Avicci. See more of the band @ www.wearediscovered.co.uk

So it’s decided…

So it's decided......that in future, if any students request to learn songs from the Mario computer games, they need to visit this website! This covers everything from the main theme, to the coin sounds!  I shall [...]

Productions with Alan Oliver

Happy new year y'all! Been pretty busy over the christmas period producing a fair amount of projects including new demos for DisCovered which are coming soon! The songs featured in this post are written by Alan [...]

Acoustic Guitar Recording in one great article

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWMJVicmwT8 As some of you may have seen that I've recently been recording videos of myself performing solo guitar of which I will be adding more to the line-up very soon! Upon my usual browsing [...]

What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong Solo Guitar Cover

http://youtu.be/gUUy0s1daeM Good evening, Check out the newest video that I've just uploaded, this time covering Louis Armstrong's hit 'What a Wonderful World'. Once again I'm using my Takamine TANC40 recorded with a Zoom Q3HD camcorder. [...]

Ho Hey – Lumineers Solo Guitar Cover

http://youtu.be/ObktuG_Ro2M Good morning! Another day, and another cover. This time I've made an arrangement of 'Ho Hey' by the Lumineers, played on my Takamine TAN40C. This version pretty much sticks to the chords used in [...]

Bring Him Home Solo Guitar Arrangement

http://youtu.be/62E8fHbK2AQ So today I decided to record some video demos of various pieces that I've arranged for solo guitar over the last couple of months. Today I've started with 'Bring Him Home' from Les Misérables [...]

Rolling down the River

Afternoon, It's nearly Easter break (well it is for me already!) but to get people in an upbeat mood, check out this new DisCovered song released last week. Probably my favourite of the sessions so far, [...]

DisCovered Rock out Foo Fighters!

 Function band DisCovered have just released a new demo, which is 'Times Like These' by the Foo Fighters, recorded during the December 2012 sessions along with Jessie J's 'Domino'.  Check it out below and let [...]