Rolling down the River

Afternoon, It's nearly Easter break (well it is for me already!) but to get people in an upbeat mood, check out this new DisCovered song released last week. Probably my favourite of the sessions so far, [...]

DisCovered Rock out Foo Fighters!

 Function band DisCovered have just released a new demo, which is 'Times Like These' by the Foo Fighters, recorded during the December 2012 sessions along with Jessie J's 'Domino'.  Check it out below and let [...]

New to the collection…

My new bass (named 'Leona') is a Fender Jazz Deluxe Bass which includes a passive/active switch for a whole range of tones! Amazing! Looking forward to jamming this out with DisCovered!

Merry Christmas!

My folks believe I should learn a different instrument and so I shall! This one has been christened 'Mango' (as mom couldn't quite the word mandolin out!) Merry Christmas all and a have an awesome [...]

Epic update!

 It's been an absolute age since I've updated this site so I'm gonna announce here that over the next month or so we should be seeing plenty of posts! Falling Astoria are currently recording new songs [...]

Wise words…

...for those that want to get their music heard. Click here

Falling Astoria Update

Check out http://www.fallingastoria.com for new tracks, pictures etc. - Spread the word! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFqzka_PeA4]

Falling Astoria demo hand out

This week at the Watershed, Wimbledon, Falling Astoria will be supporting As We Climb, who are under the same management as Attack! Attack! Should be an awesome show! For this show, we are handing out [...]