Recent Testimonial : Skins Drum Performance Method

I recently had the pleasure of composing music for a new book series called the Skins Drum Performance Method. The book features a wide vareity of genres that gradually build up the confidence of beginner drummers to perform drums and enjoy the charms of the instrument! Below is the promo video for the book:

The book is written by Dave Longman, and he had these words to say for my role in the project.

So many people said to me “you could write the songs yourself, Dave”, and maybe I could have, but they would have taken a lifetime and still sucked. When I started the project, I knew the backing tracks had to be cool so that people would want to play them. But they also had to fit my complicated requirements so that the book would have progression. Adam wrote, performed and produced all 18 tracks within the bounds of my complicated remit and nailed each and every one.
“I want a sort of 50s surf rock thing…” nailed.
“Sort of an 80s electro pop thing…” nailed.
“Hip hop…” nailed.
“Hair metal… and it has to have guitar harmonies”… you get the idea. Adam’s skill, patience, attention to detail and personal pride in his work have delivered 18 big fat tracks that I love. Dude, I can never thank you enough.

Check out for more details or to purchase the book.

If you would like me involve in your project, whether educational, media and everything else, then please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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