Performing the Grammy’s ‘Song of the Year 2015’

Ed Sheeran’s success seems to be nonstop; students can not get enough of him! Whether the songs are recent hits off X or songwriting collaborations with Justin Bieber, there is always something for young guitarists to learn from him. Even as a gigging musician, its hard to not play something by him as clients request such hits.

Back in August 2015, my functions band Discovered recoreded a series of video performances, of which one of the songs was ‘Thinking out Loud’. Our version is unique in the fact that its led by female vocals and uses a very minimal arrangement of instruments. At this time of writing, it is also a very popular first dance, and has been since the first request back in December 2014.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think! Check out the band at and make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel as well!


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