Celeberating the Anniversary..New Cover!

Hey all,

So today is the first anniversary of the video I posted of ‘Out of the Black’ by Royal Blood, which featured the fake guitar sound used on the recordings. It’s been amazing to see that the video has had over 70k views, so a big thank you to everyone who has seen that video, liked, commented etc Its been great to see the interest and excitment that has come back from posted it and the videos that have followed.

So to celebrate, I’ve uploaded a cover of ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ which is an absolute beast to play! The song features heavy use of the Boss PS-6 Harmonist to achieve the whammy octave effect, which in my opinion, is not the 100% amp tone that was used due to the artifical nature of the effect. Regardless, it shows how the piece is performed; the pedal is pressed over 160 times throughout the song! Enjoy!


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