All about the Bass…Ensemble!! Performing Green Day’s ‘Holiday’

Good morning!

Check out this crazy video concept, which is a bass guitar ensemble performing Green Day’s ‘Holiday’

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (lots of stuff going on at home) but today I had the chance to try out some new video software, being Adobe Premiere Elements 13. I’ve been meaning to create multisplit screen videos for my students and this piece was the perfect experiment! This arrangement started out as a bit of a joke between a group of bass students I’ve got and eventually elvolved into the beast we have here! The group also performed this at their school’s Spring Music Concert 2015.

As you can see, I’ve used a range of different bass guitars for this to achieve different tones as well as notes and octave ranges. I used my Warwick Streamer 5 String for the melody as its the only bass I own which has 24 frets (need 22 frets at least to hit the top F note which my other basses don’t have!). My Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe is used for the 2nd and 3rd part which play different chord voicings. My Musicman Stingray plays the bass line. All bass sounds run into a Sansamp Bass Driver DI straight into Logic Pro X. The effects chain on the melody bass features a Digitech Whammy (to add the octave up for the solo in the arrangement) and a Electro Harmonix Freeze to hold some of the long notes in the melody. This channel also has an additional bass sim in Logic with additional gain and delay as well. The chorus sound is just the two melody signals played together where the whammy is pushed back down to normal octave.

All shots filmed with Nikon D3300 other than pedals shot which was done with a Zoom 3QHD camcorder. Audo mixed on Logic Pro X. Enjoy!


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