Adam Flanagan

Musician based in London

Performing the Grammy’s ‘Song of the Year 2015’ Ed Sheeran's success seems to be nonstop; students can not get enough of him! Whether the songs are recent hits off X or songwriting collaborations with Justin Bieber, there is always something for young [...]

Trinity Guildhall Guitar – Grade 1 Pieces

Good evening! As requested by students, I have made a playlist of pieces from Trinity Guildhall's Pieces for Grade 1 Guitar. These are the solo pieces (the duets will be included at a later date). [...]

Celeberating the Anniversary..New Cover!

Hey all, So today is the first anniversary of the video I posted of 'Out of the Black' by Royal Blood, which featured the fake guitar sound used on the recordings. It's been amazing to [...]

Tuborg and old Acoustic Guitars

Falling Astoria have just recruited a new drummer, who goes by the name of Cem Andre. He appeared in a recent Tuborg advert covered in tattoos (although he doesn't look like Travis Barker in real [...]

Now on facebook!

Hey guys, Long time no speak! Just sorting out stuff behind the scenes, but now you can find me on facebook! Link below!

Happy new Year – GIGGAGE!

Happy new year one and all. So who has kept their new year's resolution so far? :p So there's a few things to report this week. One is that my proper website should be up [...]

Lemonrock name DisCovered artist of the week ..which I personally is you're probably pondering what Lemonrock is, right? It's an artist directory online mainly for cover/function bands, and yeah it's a great little site for helping with promoting say by [...]