Rig Rundown @ The Rose, Kingston 2013

We’re now into our fourth year at live @ the Rose in Kinston upon Thames and its become tradition to not only go for a pre gig meal at GBK but also to have a crazy photo session of all the band kit being used throughout the show. This year in particular for me has marked a significant milestone in terms of the equipment that I’m now using for live shows as you can see via the pics in this post.

For the show I took along three basses. My Fender Jazz Deluxe was the main axe for the show thanks to its wide tone palette. The five string Warwick Streamer was for songs requiring the lower notes/flat tunings and the Musicman Stingray was for backup this time round.

Shot of the basses with the amp rig which is an Ampeg SVT Pro 7 along with 1×15 and 2×10 neo cabs.

Pedalboard this year features the regular pedals that I now use including the standard boss ones (LS-2 for switching basses, TU2, ODB3 and EQB7) plus the Sansamp Bass Driver for tone shaping and a Electro Harmonix POG 2 for effects (octaves, sweeping organ sounds for some songs and chorus)


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