If you’re feeling confident… after some rather unexpected love for the 'Drum and Page' track, I managed to find an additional drum n bass remix of Philip Page's drum syllabus series...This one is called 'Phil the Bass' ...he [...]

Drumming in Zero Gravity

Fun, parody, mess around tracks...use to dominate my music creativity, a lot. I use to love the no pressure, no limits, no agenda approach to making such tracks and wish I had time to make [...]

A trip down memory lane…

A spell of boredom on a Sunday does wonders for people looking to be creative! Going through some old recordings, I came across an old comedy project called 'Doughnut 707'. The band recorded over a [...]

It’s been a while…

...Since I've set foot on here. The reason? Way too busy! Currently I'm recording Falling Astoria's debut EP (which is sounding hot!) and gigging way too much with DisCovered. It's certainly keeping this musician busy! [...]